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We are very excited to open a Driving School location in Connersville to help better serve the students in Fayette County.  This is our 2nd year in our new location.  We will offer the typical classroom setting where students attend class as well as the option of taking it online. We are here for your convenience.  We are very flexible in regards to your busy schedule.  We are planning on having 3 classroom sessions per year or you can take the online class at any time if you are 15 years old. Steve Wewe is the owner and instructor, with 31 years of experience. We are starting our 15th  year at the Bee-Safe Driving School teaching students from Franklin, Fayette, and Union Counties.  Last year, we taught over 250 students. We take great pride and are dedicated to making this the best driving school in the area.  This will be an excellent, well organized, and structured program for your daughter or son. Again, we strive to be flexible and convenient for both students and parents.

The Bee-Safe classroom and office is located at 832 North Eastern Avenue, Connersville, IN 47331   (BAM New Fitness Center ) 

We will have an informational meeting and in person registration on Sunday, January 3rd  at 7 p.m. for the parents and students.  If the student can’t attend the meeting that is okay, it is more important that a parent attend. We will go over the classroom and driving schedules and all the driving laws pertaining to student drivers.  The CDE forms will also be given out so students can get their learner’s permit, (you must have this form to get your permit).  This meeting will take place at the Bee-Safe building in Connersville.  If you miss the meeting, you can register the first day of class on Saturday, January 9th.

If you would like to preregister by mail please fill out the registration form and contract form.  In the ”Driving Partner” section, please list any neighbor or friend you would like to do the in car driving instruction with.  Include yourself as one of the drivers. A deposit check of $ 150.00 is required, please mail these forms and check in the self addressed envelope to Bee-Safe.  Make the check payable to:  Bee-Safe Driving School.  You still need to attend the parent meeting to pick up CDE form. You may register at the meeting.  The meeting will be Sunday night January 3rd  at 7 p.m.  Registration will be open until the first day of class.

Any questions, please call:    Steve Wewe 

Cell: 812-584-0173   

Office: 765-647-2046




The cost of the course will be:                    $ 400.00 (optional payment plans )

The deposit due with contract:                   $ 150.00

Student Age requirement                             15 by start of class

The classroom hours will be:                        30 hrs.

The driving hours will be:                             6 hrs.




Connersville Schedule Winter 2020